Lab Members

Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke

Principal Investigator

Full-time informagician, real-life psychologist, Debian developer, Pythonero, open science and free software proponent.

Alex Waite

Technology Czar

Part sysadmin, part developer, Alex makes sure stuff gets done — and that plenty of 70s funk is played on the lab stereo system.

Laura Waite

Data Steward

Former nurse, turned lumber-jill, turned research tech. She whips data into shape while giving it the tender loving care it deserves.

Małgorzata Wierzba


A lover of piñatas, beer, and the finest ice cream that life has to offer.

Christian Mönch

DataLad Developer

Passionate high- and low-level programmer with a history in computer science and computer industry, mainly in the icy North. Now back to continental Europe and helping to shape the form of the next generation open science tool together with a great mix of people.

Stephan Heunis

Research Data and Software Engineer

Previously peeking into brains with real-time fMRI, now building tools to share brain images with everyone. Passionate about open source/science, educational tools, and inclusive communities.

Michał Szczepanik


Neuroinformatician by training and by heart. Practiced fMRI in Warsaw before moving to Jülich to work on research data infrastructure.


Tosca Heunis

Science orchestrator

Biomedical engineer turned research project coordinator, with a passion for converting chocolate into productivity.

Christian Olaf Häusler (M.Sc. Psychology)

PhD Student

If a topic intersects with neuroscience, experimental psychology, film making, and number crunching with open-source software, you've just described his dream project. That and Neurofunk Drum and Bass.

Adina Wagner


Ventured into the world of open software and research software engineering via DataLad and DataLad-Handbook development. Apart from coffee, she runs on cuss words, scotch, and xkcd comics. Psssst... you haven't seen me here!

Dipl.-Inf. Benjamin Poldrack

DataLad Developer

Sneaky like shadow, he's there one moment and gone with the next. One wonders what he actually does all day, until you see his impressive git commit log.

Leonardo Muller-Rodriguez

Research Assistant

A musician slowly sciencifying!

Odelfa Tsankeu Songong

Bachelor Student

Champion of biomedical technology.

Michael Burgardt


Shut-in basement coder. Likes solving problems, hates not being allowed to. Proponent of open-source.

Manuel Bayer

Masters Student

Explorer of the multivariate.

Dr. Emanuele Porcu

Works as a Postdoc in the Noesselt lab at Otto-von-Guericke University.

Dr. Reshanne Reeder

Works as a Postdoc in the Pollmann lab at Otto-von-Guericke University.

Dr. Falko R. Kaule

Received his PhD in 2017, gave up his mercenary programmer ways, and now works in the "real world".

Pierre Ibe

Graduated with his M.Sc in Psychology and now works at Justus Liebig University Giessen.

Ayan Sengupta

After finishing his PhD at OvGU, he became a postdoc at the University of Nottingham.

Dr. Vittorio Iacovella

Visiting researcher from Trento University

Moritz Boos

Visiting researcher from the University of Oldenburg

Michael Notter

Visiting researcher from the University of Lausanne

Richard Dinga

Visiting researcher from University of Ljubljana. Proceeded to work towards a PhD at the VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam

Daniel Kottke

Joined the Active Learning Lab at Kassel University

Dr. Sven Buchholz

Became a professor at TH Brandenburg


Let's just say we take our lab Grill-fests seriously...

Rambo der Vierte (2019–)

The Florabest Grill: mobile, dishwasher safe, and features a built-in ventilator and a blue base light — to help set the mood. It boasts style, arriving in a slim fit, tailor-cut carrying case. You'll feel proud to have this grill on your arm when walking through the fashion district of Jülich.

Ulf der Dritte (2015–2019)

The Trolley Grill "Toronto". So big they named it after a city; big enough to feed three labs twice over. And it comes with a built-in 15¢ bottle opener—for convenience. Though the wheels do have a tendency to fall off...

Helga der Zweite (2013–2015)

The Landmann Pedestal Barbecue: bigger, better, taller. Its claim to fame is the fantastic door through which air can flow up the center column. When carrying, the balance is perfect for slinging over your shoulder, emulating a lumberjack as 'e carries a grill deep into the wilderness...

Horst der Erste (2012–2013)

The Landmann Patio Barbecue Fire Bowl — the grill that began it all. Small, yet hardy. Plus, there's the added bonus that the poor airflow actively promotes team bonding through the shared effort of frantically waving a Frisbee to get the coals going.